Facials & Nail

Excellent for in between grooms, bring your pup in to get a pawdicure. Dremel option available for dogs who tolerate it well.

Bath & Brush

“Face, Feet, Fanny” is an excellent way to summarize a bath & brush. Your fur baby will receive a bath, dry out, face trim (if required,) ear cleaning, toenail trim, fur pad trimming, and sanitary clean up.

Full Groom

All the services of a Bath & Brush with the addition of a full haircut. Whether you would like a more breed standard cut, an all-over same-length cut, or something in between.

Additional Charges Apply

Other Services

Hair Dye

Hannah must be told you wish to dye your dog’s fur at the time the appointment is booked so that she may make sure to have the color on hand and the appointment time extended.
Using a vegan-friendly and PPD hair dye, add a bit of fun to your pup’s tail, ears, or feet. Hair dyeing is an additional add-on product to a Bath & Brush or Full Groom Haircut.

Additional Charges

Additional charges may be added to your groom in the event of heavy matting or excessive deshed. These charges will be determined by Hannah during your dog’s appointment.